Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Second Best Down to Earth Business Book Ever Written

The first-best, hasn't been written yet. That accolade goes to Ted Leonsis and his very recently published, The Business of Happiness (Regnery Press).

Two of the most rewarding years of my life, in terms of pure challenge, fun and exhileration were spent as a colleague of Ted's at AOL. When I joined AOL it was just some months after 9/11, and the so-called Internet implosion. Its subscription revenue base was still a very strong revenue stream but advertising revenues were in a free fall and I was asked to head the team that turned it around. We did a reasonably credible job at that task, and in no small part due to the wisdoms, offerings and delivery of real help from a number of the "old guard" at AOL. None of that help and wisdom was more valuable than that gifted by Ted Leonsis. Meeting him, working with him, and having him to this day return my phone calls, have helped to make my career, and life, if the truth be known, richer.

You can, and should meet him too. He's extremely warm, open, revealing, highly motivating and an excellent mentor. That whole package is yours for $27.95 or less if you hit the discounters or print a Border's coupon. Wait a day or two because I might have already sent you a copy.

Ted Leonis. The Business of Happiness.

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