Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Close! Now or Never! OK. Almost Never!

"Mr. Jones, my work is about doing my best to bring helpful services to business people like yourself. My greatest reward is the "thank you" I often receive from clients. I also review each visit that doesn't conclude with a new relationship, and here's one of the things I've found. If we are unable to get together today, the probability is that we never will."

Now I don't know if you can picture yourself saying that to a client. But it is the truth. And the truth is an important arrow in your sales quiver.

To help you consider the value of this approach (while keeping in mind that my goal is to help you improve your closing ratio), here's the follow-up comment:

"So Mr.Jones, let's make this promise to each other so that you are sure you've made the right decision, whatever that may be. Let's agree to explore your every question now, address your every doubt and anxiety about making this investment in the growth of you business now. I will work with you right now to probe it all and will take your concerns seriously. After you and I address your every concern, you will be absolutely confident in your decision and you'll go forward or pass, in which case I will respect your decision and move on. What do you say?"

I believe, and have found, that this is a difficult offer to refuse. If your experience becomes the same, what will have transpired? You will likely have asked for and received Mr. Jones' every objection and, assuming you've prepared for the meeting and are sure of his need for what you offer, will have been able to answer and overcome his every objection.

Or, you can "let him think it over and get back to you." When he doesn't, you can make the two or three phone calls which he never takes, and move on to the next prospect.

One excellent seller I know refers to sleep as the "great eraser." The prospect says, "let me sleep on it," does and disappears from your life forever. Sleep has not only erased the benefits of your offering, it's erased you from his world.

So take your pending list to a factor and if he gives you 15% on it's face value...take it.

Great Selling!

Love your Work and Work Tirelessly
Communicate Honestly and Fearlessly
Serve, Don't Sell
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