Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Read This Blog to Your Kids at Bed Time

How early is too early to begin to teach your kids what they will need to know to make their way in this world? Some mothers read to their pre-natal offspring. I think it's never too early to let your kids know that at any time two or more people get together and engage in conversation, there's at least one, and sometimes more than one agenda at play. Communication serves the purpose of letting others know how we think, feel, or what we need.

In the most recent interchange you had, you said "yes" or "no" or "maybe" or "perhaps" or "you're right" or "you're wrong." If the conversation occurred at home you said "yes dear" or "no dear" or "I'm sorry" or "apology accepted."

"I want you to like me, think I'm smart, think I'm worth caring about, want to see me again, want to buy something from me, want to hire me, want to invite me to your next party, want you to come work for me or want me to come work for you," or you want me to do the same for you.

If I tell you I love you, I want you to believe me.

In short, we spend much, much of our time trying to bring people to our side of the table. To put it crassly, we are all selling. All the time. Does that mean we are flim-flamming each other? No. Does that mean we are insincere, inauthentic? No. What it does mean is that for virtually all of us, a good life is one shared in various types of relationships with others. Having the opportunity to do so in some measure depends upon our ability to be favorably received and perceived. So we present ourselves as well as we know how. Some do that better than others, and a few blessed and/or well schooled do it remarkably well, and go to heaven.

So you decide the bedtime story. "The Princess and the Pea" or "Great Sellers Go To Heaven."

Great Selling (and parenting)

Love Your Work and Work Tirelessly
Communicate Honestly and Fearlessly
Serve, Don't Sell
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  1. Are you trying to tell me I need to talk to my wife more often?