Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time...Friend or Foe?

"Ti-i-i ime is on my si-ide, yes it is..." a favorite of legions of average performers. The flip side of that classic, as a few of you know, is the yet to be written, "I Have no Enemy as Dangerous as Time," inspired by the realities of the life experiences of remarkable achievers. Here I am, says the average guy, the super proud representative of a wonderful product or service that can turn this troubled economic environment into the land of milk and honey for a multitude of prospective customers and...

"Tomorrow, I will make a list of them."

There are few things more gratifying that a "yes, I would be glad to meet with you," response from a prospective customer one thinks he can help...and almost a full day before the appointed meeting the average performer promises himself that..

"Tomorrow I'm going to do some research on that guy's industry."

Most sales folk believe in the concept of providing good customer service and most sales people promise that...

"Tomorrow I'm going to call Sherman's Auto Dealership and see how the campaign is working."

I have a friend in a B to B business in Atlanta who has enjoyed, and suffered, through both good and bad years. He's never had a worse year than this, though, and as the only rainmaker for his business, it's been particularly discouraging. He did have a great moment yesterday and he called me within minutes of his exciting event. It seems he'd been researching his lineage via the net for weeks and at 2:30 P.M. yesterday he made the discovery of the date and time his grandfather arrived in this country. He was as high as a kite, and right after he called me with the news he made some new business calls.

I have another friend in Atlanta who is truly an extraordinary salesman and am looking forward to catching up with him next Sunday.

Life's funny--love each of those guys alot but they have very little in common.

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  1. Bob...It's too bad I never worked for one of your radio stations....if I did and they followed your philosophy, especially the honesty part, I would probably still be on the air, busting my butt in the community and making a I was!
    God Bless
    Lou Krieger
    Myrtle Beach
    BTW I worked for the Cumulus operation here that has been run into the ground...a lot of hard work and dedication to duty....gone!