Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hurricanes...What are They Good For?

In revolutionary times colonist-landowners with expanding families prayed for severe storms. That's because it was only when hurricane size winds toppled trees on their property, that the wood was theirs to use for home additions such as new nurseries. With the exception of these acts of nature the wood belonged to the King across the Atlantic. Thus the landowners waited with bated breath for the "windfall." The time honored tradition of waiting for the windfall continues to this very day.

Remarkable sales performers are hardly traditionalists. In some ways they exhibit all but revolutionary behavior and it is likely that it was their very ancestors who got fed up with weather watching and initiated the break with the Mother Country.

Exceptional sellers don't count on or worry about windfalls. They know that their success is a natural by-product of day after day service to others. Their contributions and the riches that come their way as a result of those contributions are not random acts of nature but rather the result of hard but fulfilling work.They love their work and work tirelessly at it. That starts with an appreciation for the product or service they represent, and a canvassing by way of disciplined and methodical prospecting of people or businesses whose growth can be facilitated in partnership with their product or service. They then combine their good will and honest communications with the learned and practiced art of salesmanship to motivate the customer to welcome help.

And then begins the process of struggling together, buyer and seller to find answers to the most important question: "How do we grow this business, together."

So how will you spend your day? With a barometer or the Yellow Pages?

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