Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maximize the Downtime; the Client's Downtime!

"Look, there's no point in coming to see me," he says, "I'm not doing any advertising. I'm surviving, until things get better." Of those salesmen who have the courage to try to continue the conversation, 90% of them, either as the result of "training" or their own "creativity," will respond along the lines of, "Well Mr. Jones, we should talk about how we can accelerate things getting better with some smart advertising." Or, "Mr. Jones, this is a great time for you to be advertising because most of your competitors aren't, and you can increase your Brand position." Or, etc. etc. These perfectly predictable "overcoming objection" responses will, if pushed hard enough, get the appointment that will never happen because of its cancellation between the hang-up and appointment date.

Let's face it, all the salesman really said was, "Who cares what you think or how you feel Bozo? I can answer any objection you throw my way." The client's reaction: "I get it, young man. No matter what I say, you will have an answer. So I'll just say 'yes', get you off the phone, and you'll get a call from Shirley tomorrow, cancelling."

The uncommon and remarkable 10% might instead reply to the "no interest now" comment this way. "Then this is a perfect time for us to meet, Mr. Jones. We can use this downtime, in a relaxed frame of mind to think through how I can help you grow your business when conditions warrant you getting back in the game." The resulting appointment, and one likely will be made, can be the first of a long or short series of meetings that earns the seller the respect and trust of this client through the expert and caring partnering he (this can be you) demonstrates in helping to forge strategies and plans that bode well for the account. And this client will let you know, sooner than either of you would have guessed, when the implementation of the resulting plans should begin.

The difference between most sellers and the remarkable achievers are no more dramatic that the difference between up and down, night and day or good and evil. The average seller is usually a well-intentioned, hard working, warrior; trained by less than perfectly-trained trainers. He is out to win! Out to successfully answer objections! Out to demonstrate the superiority and benefits of his product or service! Out to SELL!

"What do you think of this sales guy?" one exec asks. "He's a KILLER," the other responds.

The uncommon, remarkable salesman begins his day prepared to help any number of customers, old and new, grow their businesses. He tenaciously adheres to personal core values which include service to others, honesty, and teamwork, among others. He can be short or tall, fat or skinny, get soup on his shirt at lunch and never play a round of golf. But all with whom he comes in contact know that he is knowledgeable, indefatigable and very well intentioned. He let's his client win, and basks in their victory! He is a superstar!

Great Selling!

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Serve, Don't Sell
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  1. Good stuff, Bob. Guess I'll be seeing you in heaven! Jackie

  2. The Wichita J Wise. Saw your post on Radio Sales Today and thought I'd check it out. Hope you're doing well!