Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Sellers are Change Agents

The best sellers are constantly auditing their own and their clients' thinking. They continually search for ways to grow the clients' brands; to roadblock competitive incursions; to increase traffic, margins and consumer satisfaction. They know and motivate the clients to understand that they must continually grow, because it's an immutable law of nature that that which doesn't grow, dies. They urge their clients to join them in these examinations and forge continually aggressive action plans.

They promise the clients that an attitude that says, "business is great, let's not mess with it," portends potential disaster for their business. They war with complacency and encourage the client to be energetic, enthusiastic, yet wary, and always open to taking reasonable risk that has the opportunity for favorably disproportionate reward.

Great sellers never stand in place; never show up to "renew an order," never hide with fingers crossed during the term of an agreement.

Remember when the authority adults in your life advised you not to look for trouble? Uncommonly adept sellers are always looking for trouble because if not found early trouble can grow faster than the most dread disease.

"How's business Mr. Jones?"

"Awful? Then we better get right to work."

Or, "How's business Mr. Jones?"

"Great? Then we better get right to work."

Great sellers change business for the better...or for the better.

Great Selling!

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Communicate Honestly and Fearlessly
Serve, Don't Sell
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  1. You nailed it...a war of complacency! Everyday I run into someone who believes that things can't change, business will remain bad for months to come...hogwash! Spend a few minutes with that client and remind him/her about the passion they had when the doors first opened...reminding them they are not alone...this is a team effort!