Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Before "Nice Seeing You."

At the end of most meetings between buyers and the AVERAGE seller, both parties are really happy; the buyer because "it's finally over" and the seller because he wasn't told absolutely "no," if in fact, he wasn't.

GREAT sellers' meetings end with the word "Great," exclaimed by the buyer, and he means it.

There are only four reasons the uncommonly professional salesman leaves a meeting:
1) Because it results in a sale.
2) Because it becomes clear to his experienced "eye" that this just will not happen.
3) Because the buyer has security show him out.
4) Because he has expertly set the stage and gotten the commitment for the next meeting and EXACTLY what needs to be accomplished at that time to result in a close.

Number 4 goes something like this: "Mr. Jones, I hope you agree that this has been a meaningful session. I certainly found your insights terrific and am gratified that my research on your company and industry were reasonably on target. I have the following three 'to dos'_______________, and you are going to meet with your operations and strategy teams to review our thoughts. I think together we've discovered some potentially productive paths you might take to collapse the time it would otherwise take to grow and stave off competition. I'll call you next Tuesday afternoon to confirm our Wednesday, ten A.M. appointment. How does that sound?"


Great Selling!

Love Your Work and Work Tirelessly
Communicate Honestly and Fearlessly
Serve, Don't Sell
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  1. Once again, Bob has nailed a simple but extraordinary truth in selling: If you can't walk out with an order (and with the buyer as happy as you are) then the next best thing is having the buyer as happy as you are agreeing to a concrete next step(s) to an order. Sometimes that's the path to a better sale anyway.