Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Among the attributes of Great Sellers is their ability to achieve consistently uncommon and remarkable performance. "Hot Shot" sellers have terrific wins, but also fallow periods, because their success usually depends upon taking advantage of the "greater fool" theory. Their BIG sales are personal victories, with an emphasis on "personal." And while the reservoir is well stocked with "fools," there are many other hot shots out fishing with alluring bait.

Great Sellers forge large teams to go about the business of effectively serving their consituencies which includes everyone with whom they deal; Customers, colleagues, bosses and employees. They seek the greatest good for the greatest number without regard for themselves because they know that their success is incidental but automatic as a result of helping others be successful. Their victories are anything but personal; They are team victories.

Great Sellers create great teams. They do what they can to elevate others to a standard of excellence with a view toward continuing to increase the team's "wins."

You've worked with loners. Sometimes people behave as loners because they think they have the secret sauce. They don't want to share it because they think that will level the playing field with their co-workers as they each compete for more responsibility. If these type of sellers work in companies where promotion is truly worthwhile, they are playing their hands poorly. Let's see. I'm the CEO of a company that needs to fill an important VP/Sales job. Should I pick Manny who does everything he can to help everyone beneath, alongside, and on top of him perform more successfully, or Moe who is only happy when he brings in a dollar more than every other salesman in the organization, and pretends to have a hearing problem when asked for help by another salesman? And then, what about the inevitable moment when Mr. Hot Shot is stumped for an idea and wanders down the hall for some input? Chances are it becomes coffee break time for his colleagues. Hmmmm.

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