Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lessons from the Mountain Top

For twenty-six years, from early middle age, until early old age, he fought his courageous battle imprisoned. His ultimate victory brought freedom to the people of half a continent.

He waged his "war" with a conviction that his cause was right; that all would benefit if they could break through their biases, their habits and ingrained cultures and "buy" into his vision.

He adopted a direct, honest, yet respectful mode of communication to friend and foe alike, helping to create a continuing discourse which would not exacerbate existing distrust and hostility.

He never allowed himself to be distracted or shied from the difficulty of success.

Nelson Mandela, in his new release Nelson Mandela, Conversations with Myself, tells of " a man whose house was haunted by evil spirits." He decided to leave his rural home, packed all his belongings in a wagon to settle elsewhere. A friend stopped and asked him where he was off to? Before he answered a voice came out of the wagon. "We are leaving here," it said. It was the voice of one of the evil spirits. The moral is, "Don't run away from your problems. Face them. Because if you don't deal with them, they will always be with you. Deal with a problem which arises; face it courageously."

Here's the takeaway, at least for me.

Greatness at any level, toward any end and in any endeavor requires uncommon thoughtfulness, tenacity, courage and honesty. And that applies to both Seller and Buyer. But the responsibility for clearing the playing field of dead leaves and fallen branches, much less the leavings of all who preceded us, lies with the Seller. His courage, his honesty and his indefatigable will define the outcome.

Great Selling!

Love Your Work and Work Tirelessly
Communicate Honestly and Fearlessly
Serve, Don't Sell
Collapse Time

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