Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Who Are You?

"I'd like to introduce you to Barack, he's the President of the United States and one of the most______I know." So pretend the President was your friend and you were making that introduction. Further, let's suppose that what you know about the President as his friend, is, well, what you know about the President. Fill in the blank.

I believe that a common phenomena among many of our citizenry these days is more confusion about what this man is really about; what he really values, than they had just before he was elected president. Right wing bombastic radio aside, I certainly can understand those that wish the actions and communications emanating from his office better mirrored the seemingly clearer picture he led us to envision before January 20, 2008. For those that find getting a fix on what this man is really about is more troubling than before, the trust they have in his words and for his deeds are diminished.

Now if I'm right about the above, let's bring the conversation to the world of commerce. Buying and selling. Buyer and seller. Just who the heck are you Mr. Seller, and what the heck do you stand for? "Who wants to know?", you ask.

Every new person you call on that is broad minded enough to give you the benefit of the doubt until your actions confirm that you are just another seller out to pick his pocket, is asking. That's who.

So. What's the answer? Chances are you are someone who knows all the features and benefits of the product or service you represent. You're likely to be friendly, engaging and have a good work ethic. You know what a choice close is and know somewhere between 11 and 37 cliches about selling as for example, "Close and then shut up, first one who talks, loses," or "Answer the objection and trial close," or "ABC-Always Be Closing." If I'm right and you know and do all that, you are probably just as good as everyone else out there. Everyone that is, except the Heaven Bound.

Uncommon and remarkable sellers, the great ones who go to heaven, are easily recognized because their words and deeds always travel a highway bounded on each side by a personal set of core values that all but shout out, "I can be trusted. I am here for you. I can, and want to help you grow your business. I will sit by your side and together we will make good things happen."

And then they do it.

Great companies always have common attributes. They have a mission that defines their goal. Everyone in the company understands the mission. And most important, they have cultures that grow out of a set of core values that all employees adhere to or keep trying to do so. And they have more than their fair share of great sellers who tenaciously adhere to the mission and practice the values.

For what they are worth--here are mine:

Love Your Work and Work Tirelessly
Communicate Honestly and Fearlessly
Serve, Don't Sell (Heaven's Gateway)
Collapse Time

Great Selling!

P.S. I believe, I really do, that our President will before long make himself very clear and recognizable engendering overwhelming belief and trust, once again. (No-I'm not auditioning for the Huffington-Post).

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